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Topic:  Teen Sex / Pregnancy

The program aims to improve adolescents' understanding of risky sexual behaviors or to reduce teen pregnancy and the rates of sexually transmitted diseases among teens.

Proven Programs

LifeSkills Training

National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program

Nurse Family Partnership

Promising Programs

Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Get Real About AIDS

Making Proud Choices!

Postponing Sexual Involvement/Human Sexuality Educational Series

Reducing the Risk

Seattle Social Development Project

Self Center (School-Linked Reproductive Health Services)

Teen Talk

Wyman's Teen Outreach Program

Proven / Promising Programs

Quantum Opportunity Program (QOP)

Other Reviewed Programs

All Stars

All Stars (Core Program)

Community of Caring

Early Intervention Program for Adolescent Mothers (EIP)

Safe Dates

Say It Straight Training