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Programs that Work

The PPN site features descriptions of evaluated programs that improve outcomes for children. PPN programs are organized by four major outcome areas, and sub-categorized by indicators within each outcome area. PPN programs can be found under the indicators below and may be related to more than one indicator.

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Healthy and Safe Children

Children experiencing good physical health

Youths not using alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs

Youths abstaining from sexual activity or not engaging in risky sexual behavior

Children and youth not engaging in violent behavior or displaying serious conduct problems

Children not experiencing physical, psychological or emotional abuse

Children not experiencing anxiety or mood disorders, such as depression

Babies born weighing more than 5.5 pounds and improving outcomes for low birth weight babies

Children Ready for School

Children ages 0 to 5 exhibiting age-appropriate mental and physical development

Children Succeeding in School

Students performing at grade level or meeting state curriculum standards

Students graduating from high school

Strong Families

Families increasing economic self-sufficiency

Fathers maintaining regular involvement with their children

Children living in a permanent home