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Program Info

Outcome Areas
Healthy and Safe Children

Youths not using alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs
Children and youth not engaging in violent behavior or displaying serious conduct problems

Topic Areas

     Age of Child
       Middle Childhood (9-12)
       Adolescence (13-18)
     Type of Setting
       Middle School
       High School
     Type of Service
       Youth Development
     Type of Outcome Addressed
       Physical Health
       Substance Use and Dependence

Evidence Level  (What does this mean?)
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Program Overview

Teen Health Teaching Modules is a comprehensive health curriculum for students in grades 6 to 12 to learn and practice seven essential skills for adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors. The goals of the program are to provide adolescents with knowledge, attitudes, and practices necessary to improve and maintain their health and well-being. The program curriculum is divided into grade-specific sessions and provides a consistent framework for addressing all important adolescent health topics.

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Program Reviews

The Teenage Health Teaching Modules program has not yet been thoroughly reviewed by PPN, but preliminary review suggests it may be effective at improving outcomes for the indicators listed above.

This program is highly regarded by other credible organizations and reviews of the program can be found online at the websites listed below:

USDOE: Exemplary and Promising Safe, Disciplined, and Drug Free Schools Programs 2001, pp. 134-136PDF file

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