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Program Info

Outcome Areas
Healthy and Safe Children

Children and youth not engaging in violent behavior or displaying serious conduct problems

Topic Areas

     Age of Child
       Adolescence (13-18)
     Type of Setting
       Middle School
     Type of Service
       Instructional Support
       Youth Development
     Type of Outcome Addressed
       Behavior Problems
       Violent Behavior

Evidence Level  (What does this mean?)
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Program Overview

Lions-Quest Working Toward Peace is a school-based comprehensive program that brings together educators, parents, and members of the community to teach and reinforce anger management and conflict resolution skills among adolescents ages 10 to 14. The essential program components include a classroom curriculum, a planning guide for safe schools, parent and community involvement, and professional development for teachers implementing the program.

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Program Reviews

The Lions-Quest Working Toward Peace program has not yet been thoroughly reviewed by PPN, but preliminary review suggests it may be effective at improving outcomes for the indicators listed above.

This program is highly regarded by other credible organizations and reviews of the program can be found online at the websites listed below:

USDOE: Exemplary and Promising Safe, Disciplined, and Drug Free Schools Programs 2001, pp. 80-82PDF file

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