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Dr. Elizabeth McGlynn presents research findings on the quality of children's health care

The Quality of Health Care for America's Children

A presentation on research findings and recommendations related to the quality of pediatric health care in the United States.

Presented by Dr. Elizabeth McGlynn, Associate Director for RAND Health and an internationally recognized expert on assessing and reporting on quality of care. This Policy Luncheon was hosted by the Promising Practices Network and the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California on December 4, 2007.

Video of this event is available online by following the links below.

The Quality of Ambulatory Care Delivered to Children in the United States

Introduction and Presentation

Jim Thomson, President and CEO, RAND Corporation
Dr. Elizabeth McGlynn, Associate Director for RAND Health, RAND Corporation

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When it comes to getting the right care at the right time, children in the United States fare even worse than adults. RAND's previous national assessment of quality found that on average, adults receive about 55% of recommended care. Findings from Dr. McGlynn's new study, the largest and most comprehensive examination of health care quality for America's children, show that children receive recommended care less than half the time. They are not receiving recommended preventive care and screening services, such as regular weight and measurement checks to ensure that they are growing properly and are not at risk for obesity; nor are they receiving standard care for common conditions such as asthma and diarrhea. Many people have assumed that quality of care was not a problem for children. This study demonstrates how wrong that assumption was.

Q&A Discussion

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Policy Luncheon Handouts

New Study Finds Serious Gaps In Health Care Quality for America's Children — Oct. 2007

The Quality of Ambulatory Care Delivered to Children in the United States — Sep. 2007

New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 26, No. 5, pp. 644-649