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New Visitor Orientation

We know that decisionmakers must sort through mounds of information about programs and practices for children and their families, and this information can sometimes be overwhelming. It is often difficult to tell which programs are effective and which are not and what research to trust on issues you care about. PPN is a site that helps you find evidence-based information about programs and practices that improve outcomes for children and their families, from health issues to family support.

The information on the site is presented in various ways to make it easier for you to find the information on the outcome or topic area of interest to you. Information is organized around four major areas on the site, each of which can be easily accessed by clicking on the navigation column on the left side of any PPN page.

Programs that Work

This section presents overviews of programs that have demonstrated their effectiveness in rigorous studies, categorized as either "Proven" or "Promising" according to our evidence criteria, plus how to learn more about each program. The programs are organized around outcomes and indicators for ease of use. As an example, if you are interested in teen pregnancy prevention programs, you could find programs under the Healthy and Safe Children outcome area and the indicator titled "Youths abstaining from sexual activity or not engaging in risky sexual behavior." For each program, we provide an easy-to-understand summary of key program effects with links to a person or organization to contact for more detailed information. We also include some details on the research conducted on the program and any cautions about the research so that you can see why the program met our criteria for inclusion on our site and how much confidence you can have in the findings reported.

Note that programs identified as "Other Reviewed Programs" have not undergone a full review by PPN. Information about the indicators impacted by the program, a brief overview of the program, and a link to review evidence of the program's effectiveness synthesized by another credible organization is provided for all Other Reviewed Programs.

The Programs that Work section can be searched in the following ways:

Issue Briefs

PPN Issue Briefs provide a concise overview of research-based information on a variety of topics, including child abuse and neglect, high school graduation, low birthweight, and more.

Expert Perspectives

Child policy experts share their perspectives on a variety of topics, including television programming for children under two years old, child abuse prevention, child care quality, effective State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) policy, preventing low birth weight, and the quality of children's health care in the United States.

Resources by Topic

The Resources by Topic section includes links to databases, fact sheets, screening tools, seminal reports, and a variety of other resources that are among the best research-based materials available on children and families.

We also provide information about coordinating service delivery, financing and budgeting, monitoring outcomes, and other management practices. As with the other information on programs and practices, this information is screened for credibility and we point you to further information sources on these topics.